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Transporting Machinery


The Next Generation: Farm Safety and Health

Each year, incidents involving tractors and other farm machinery occur on public roads causing death and injury to those involved. Not to mention the untold costs in damage to equipment.IMG_0156

The roads can be a dangerous place for farm and standard vehicle drivers alike. Here are some points to consider when transporting farm machinery:

  • Have clean bright slow moving vehicle (SMV) emblems on all tractors and implements
  • Be sure all machinery is in good working condition including headlights, brake lights, and turn signals
  • Avoid moving farm equipment on public roads between sunset and sunrise.

To learn more about transporting farm machinery take a look at the fact sheet available on our website,!

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Is it Time to Update Your Equipment?


GoGetta Equipment Funding

No matter what your industry, there comes a time when you’ll need to consider updating your equipment. Maybe you’re eying off a shiny new truck, or a fancy piece of gym equipment. Maybe the wheels are starting to fall off your old trailer (literally!), or maybe you’ve picked up a big contract and need extra equipment to keep the customer happy.

The benefits of new equipment are obvious – it can raise productivity levels, help meet your existing customers’ needs, and give you the edge you need to attract new business. But buying equipment outright can be very costly. And let’s face it, many small to medium businesses simply don’t have the funds to lash out on expensive purchases at the drop of a hat.

Before you make your decision, here are a few tips to help you decide your best course of action.

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Construction Equipment Rental Service Offers Construction Equipments At Reasonable Prices


Equipments M Tetreault, Inc.

Construction Equipment Rental ServiceConstruction equipment rental service offers a fleet of construction equipments for various purposes so you can check it out for meeting your individual requirements. These equipments are easy to use and offer you clean and fume-free operations. Heavy machinery rental service Quebec is well known in the industry for maintaining quality and integrity. It provides you services of expert rental representatives who will help you to get equipments you need to get your job done very quickly. This service works together with customers from start to finish and provides them with efficient and cost effective ways for meeting their goals for success.

Heavy equipment rental service offers a large and diverse inventory of rental equipments on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This service offers you competitive rates which make renting these equipments very affordable. You can get prompt delivery of heavy equipments from its service providers so just get…

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Vintage Technology- Enhancement To The Elderly

Very friendly post.



I’m still amazed that my folks, Eighty-five and Eight-four are into techno gadgets. They have wireless, laptop, Kindle’s, and the latest is a smart phone. I remember the day when my dad told me he would never be on a computer. I had an old one at the house and my mother wanted a computer. She only wanted it to play games and maybe do some of that email thing. I set up the old computer and my dad started watching how I was setting things up. He actually was very involved for the fact he wanted answers so if my mother was having trouble maybe he could help out. He ended up being the computer guru in his house. He took that old computer and upgraded the ram himself. Later down the road they finally bought a laptop and a desktop which is when he decided to put in a…

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Photoshoot for Chinese Jewelry auction

Excellent photo.


I recently photographed over 200 pieces of Chinese jewelry/jades/stones. These are for a local auction company.

I Initially started with white background. But I later realize the piece looks much better with black background. They look more elegant with black background.


IMG_5304IMG_5233 as Smart Object-1IMG_5165 as Smart Object-1IMG_5156 as Smart Object-1IMG_4419 as Smart Object-1IMG_4401 as Smart Object-1IMG_4370 as Smart Object-1IMG_4350 as Smart Object-1IMG_4320 as Smart Object-1IMG_4307 as Smart Object-1IMG_4282 as Smart Object-1IMG_4251 as Smart Object-1

These are just a few of them. Every piece looks very elegant.

The company have their own studio. So I am glad I can use their equipment rather than bring my own.  They have studio light. That is a pleasure to use. I learned my still photography skill with my speed light at home. I never used studio light before. It is really a lot easier to photography product with studio light. What you see is pretty much what you get..Cool!!!

Shooting with white background is easy. I do not need to do post production. It come out just completely white. But for black background. I need to do many retouch. Because…

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Friday image No.019

How much old it is!

The Lightweight Photographer

Brickwork captured with the Olympus 25mm lens on an Olympus OMD EM5. Brickwork captured with the Olympus 25mm lens on an Olympus OMD EM5.

Following my last post where I was sharing my first experiences of the Olympus 25mm lens, I thought I would share another image. I shot quite a few images that I would class as “texture” but I found this brickwork particularly fascinating. The salt crystals corroding the bricks make a great pattern and the lens performed very well. Not only is it relatively free from distortion with corner to corner sharpness, it seems to resolve an amazing amount of detail.

Take a look at this section magnified to 100%. Make sure you click the image to see it properly.

A 100% close up of a section of the wall shows just how much detail this lens can capture. A 100% close up of a section of the wall shows just how much detail this lens can capture.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Highlight Hole: No. 8 at Strawberry Farms

Nice scene.

southern california golf blog


When reviewing golf courses from one golfer to another, we usually first default to brevity and try to capture the course in a word.

For instance, it’s common to describe a given course as “long,” “tough,” “hilly” or, best-case scenario, “fun.”

For Strawberry Farms in Irvine, that word is “tight,” which we all know is golf speak for narrow. That’s partly why I’ve shied away from this course when it has been presented as an option in the past.

Well, last week, there was no option. We had an online deal and this was the course we were playing. So I stocked up on golf balls and pointed my car north prepared to experience a little pain and frustration – & hopefully discover a great golf course along the way.

What I found is a beautiful course with a lot of scenic holes, many of which are, indeed, tight, especially…

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