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Brotherly Love

I’ve been having the hardest time trying to understand Cézanne’s composition.  I bought Cézanne’s Composition by Erle Loran, which seems to cover exactly what I want to know. There are a couple of problems right off the bat: the book itself is an odd shape – 12″x9″, which isn’t a bad format for a painting, by a bit strange for a thin paperback; the print size is small; there are many references to the Plates in the back of the book, so I find myself thumbing back and forth quite frequently; the most troubling problem is that the Plates are in BLACK AND WHITE!

Not to say all is lost. There are photographs from the vantage point from which Cézanne painted; in at least one case, there is a painting from another artist (Renoir) of the same subject, from the same vantage point; there are diagrams which show the set-up of different…

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