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The Rage Within


“You know you have road rage, right?” my hubby comments after having watched me stare down a driver.

All I could say was “Yes, I know.”


I will be the first to admit that road rage is very real, and that I have a very strong dose of it. Where did I get it from? I have no idea. How do I manage it? I don’t think I do that very well either.

You see, I have a strong aversion to idiots, doing idiot things on the road because they’re idiots. I think the driving exam should be able to weed out those idiots amongst us and deny them a valid drivers license.

Let me apologise in advance if this post offends anyone. I do not mean to point you out, or as we would say in Ja – fling stone inna hog pen. I’m not trying to justify my…

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