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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) –   With all the recent shootings involving the area’s youth, it’s important to remind kids that there are alternatives to violence.  A ‘Stop the Violence’ football game is scheduled at Discovery Middle School Saturday, and it’s dedicated to Huntsville’s latest victim 18-year-old Ashia Oliver.

Organizers want to reach out to the city’s youth, especially during the summer time, to stop turning to violence as a problem solver.

The community has seen enough, from the recent shooting at Huntsville’ Lydia Gold Skatepark to the latest teen death this week after a fight broke out at a Sunoco gas station. Organizers say there’s better ways than turning to violence this summer while teens are out of school, like Saturday’s football game to honor Oliver, who died after Wednesday’s shooting.

Sylvester Redix organized the ‘Stop the Violence’ game, and also works with the Rocket City Titans.

He says, “we’re…

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