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Goldman Sachs (and most Wall Street Investment Banks) does the following:
  1. Mergers & Acquisitions Advice: When a big company buys another, they take the advice of an investment bank. For instance, when Skype received an offer from Microsoft for a buyout in 2011, they sought the help of Goldman Sachs andJP Morgan to help them get the right deal (paying $30 million fees for this). The investment bank helps value the companies and identifies the strength of each division/product. This data will help you negotiate the right price as the deals can be huge (even going over $100 billion). In return for the advice, the bank gets 0.5%-1% of the deal as a fee. Last year, Goldman made $1.7 billion in such fees. Goldman Tops M&A List as Berkshire-Heinz Signals Rebound 
  2. IPO deals and bond offerings: When companies go into the Stock Market for the first…

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