Your time is Your Life-Your Life is Your Wealth

Paul Sutton Reeves

You could be forgiven for thinking that that would be that. Once a writer has died, the books will stop coming. One reason that they don’t, of course, is that previously unpublished works by an author are often unearthed after his/her death. In the case of the novels of Franz Kafka, we can thank God (and Max Brod) that they came to light. The same holds true for Roberto Bolaño’s work. For most other authors, though, these posthumous publications add little if anything to their oeuvres, in some cases actually subtracting from them. After all, these books generally remained unpublished for a reason. Late works, written when the writer’s powers were failing or unfinished at the time of his/her death, early works that give an insight into the writer’s development but which are really little more than juvenilia, works abandoned as substandard… There are numerous examples – William Golding’s The Double…

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