Your time is Your Life-Your Life is Your Wealth

The Worship Collective

This is a continuation of an interview conducted with writer/actor Cameron Strittmatter. See Part 1 if you haven’t already.

You know we talked a lot about your faith and the gospel. How does your faith influence your art, if at all? Which I believe you mentioned that it does. A follow up question to that: You said that what intrigues you is darkness and mystery and that at the center of your artistic voice comes the fact that death has been conquered. How does your faith coincide with your intrigue of darkness and mystery in your art?

Not another painting by Cameron Strittmatter

Yes, so. Part 1: My faith, has influenced my art insofar as, as I come to understand my purpose as a human. Being called to make disciples and to become more like Jesus. That seems to be the big thing, the big deal that everyone’s talking about…

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