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Sibling in Watercolor

Brotherly Love

Today’s experiment:

Today, it seems I’m working backwards. I started, as I normally do, writing down some notes about my reading, hoping for insights that may clarify my own thoughts. But there are lots of things happening in real life that are interfering with my cerebral life.  My wife’s aunt is gravely ill; a friend of the family, seemingly in good health, had a heart attack, not to mention illness in the immediate family.  My whole construct of compartmentalizing is getting very hard to maintain.

At any rate, I tried writing words about how I feel, but they weren’t right.

The image below is what I came up with instead of words. In one sense, it is an abstract expression of my feelings; in a different way, it is a literal depiction of how my experience with my older brother affected me. Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal

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