Your time is Your Life-Your Life is Your Wealth

Cookies + Sangria

Non-shocking fact of the week: both of us attended drama camp when we were younger. While other kids were playing soccer and climbing trees, we were singing alto on “We’re In The Money” and saying “yes, and” to summer fun!  This week, our posts were a bit of a drama camp, too. Some were drama in the theater sense of the word, and others in the “serious stuff” sense. Some were camp like “sleeping in a tent” and others were campy, like the concept for Ghostwriter.


  • In the theater sense:

Come On And Sit Side By Side By Susan Blackwell

Sutton Foster/Jonathan Groff/Laura Benanti

Where: In Bed/A Horse-Drawn Carriage/Hooters
Activity: Breakfast/Cuddling/Eating Wings
Highlight: Sutton lying in bed with her Tony gown and actual Tony/JGroff singing Left Behind from Spring Awakening/Susan handling Laura’s boobs

Jonathan Groff #2

Where: His parents’ farm in rural Pennsylvania (lit’rally Amish country)
Activity: Chillin in a hayloft, petting some horses…

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