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PRICEVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – 70 years ago today as 150-thousand allied troops stormed the beaches of France, a young Morgan County man was as prisoner of war in the infamous Stalag 17. Ben Roberts was just 20 years old. He sat down with us today to share some of his memories and what this day means to him.

“And I went with the idea that I’d never be shot down. I didn’t even pay attention to the POW lectures because it didn’t pertain to me. and I wish I had’ve now,” former POW Ben Roberts says.

There were ten men on the plane that morning, Roberts is the last. He was part of a group led by Colonel Curtis Lemay. It was their fifth mission, and they were to bomb a ball bearing plant in Germany. But the fighters were waiting for them. Roberts’ plane was shot down.

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