Your time is Your Life-Your Life is Your Wealth


In his first speaking engagement ever, at tonight’s StartX event, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton talked about the company’s big “F” word (focus), how people in the U.S. just didn’t get the service when it first launched five years ago, and, of course, its record-setting acquisition by Facebook (Acton said that WhatsApp will not be “swallowed by the Borg” after the deal is finalized). He also divulged that WhatsApp will finally offer a voice-calling service this year, which competitors like Line, WeChat, Viber, and KakaoTalk already do. Read on for excerpts from Acton’s talk.

On being acquired by Facebook for $19 billion

“I am a new father and in some ways being a father overshadows it, to be brutally honest. How did I feel? It hasn’t closed yet. I’ll say that when it closes there will be a sense of relief because between announcing and closing there are any number of months.

More than anything you…

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