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Square can do a lot of things.

Want to take credit cards from your taco truck? Use the portable Square Reader. Want to sell stuff through a little pop-up online front-end? Use Square Market.

But what if you want to invoice someone for a service (like, say, wedding photography) after the fact? Before today, Square couldn’t really help you there. But now it can!

This morning, Square is launching a new invoicing system that it calls — you guessed it — Square Invoices.

Like most things Square offers, Invoices is free to use (for an unlimited number of invoices, and without monthly fee) save for a 2.75% fee on credit/debit card payments. If your customers opt to pay in cash or check, there’s no fee involved.

Here’s how it works:

  • You punch in the details of the invoice (services rendered, a personal note, etc.) plus an email address for…

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