Your time is Your Life-Your Life is Your Wealth

Excellent photo.


I recently photographed over 200 pieces of Chinese jewelry/jades/stones. These are for a local auction company.

I Initially started with white background. But I later realize the piece looks much better with black background. They look more elegant with black background.


IMG_5304IMG_5233 as Smart Object-1IMG_5165 as Smart Object-1IMG_5156 as Smart Object-1IMG_4419 as Smart Object-1IMG_4401 as Smart Object-1IMG_4370 as Smart Object-1IMG_4350 as Smart Object-1IMG_4320 as Smart Object-1IMG_4307 as Smart Object-1IMG_4282 as Smart Object-1IMG_4251 as Smart Object-1

These are just a few of them. Every piece looks very elegant.

The company have their own studio. So I am glad I can use their equipment rather than bring my own.  They have studio light. That is a pleasure to use. I learned my still photography skill with my speed light at home. I never used studio light before. It is really a lot easier to photography product with studio light. What you see is pretty much what you get..Cool!!!

Shooting with white background is easy. I do not need to do post production. It come out just completely white. But for black background. I need to do many retouch. Because…

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